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    Willing to move in Commercial and Industrial fields

    I work for Co. that covers residential and light commercial sides. Is is 18 months since I started this carrier. I make $25 (not bad) but I have to know and do almost everything. I am very good with electrical things (have about 9 years in electronics repair). This is what I love to do. The Co. I work for is small, so we do everything from installing chimney cap to troubleshooting of automation building controls (single cases). Most likely it is in between. I am a little nerving about my future. It is good money for the job but I could be easily replaced with someone who will work for less (I saw it twice and can be next). So I am looking for upgrade. I am interested in MA refrigeration licence, Automation building controls, and more... I don't have friends to direct me in a right way, so I am here. Posting resumes on websites doesn't seem to work.
    Also I 'd like to know the average rate for experienced service Tech in residential/commercial and commercial/industrial fields.
    Thanks to everyone.

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    I'd get the refrig license.

    And, send resumes to the control contractors and contractors that do controls in your area. Control people are looking for a guy like you with good basic knowledge in electronics and someone they can train the fine point in DDC controls.

    Send resumes and contact commercial/industrial mechanical/HVAC contractors.

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