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    Zoning up & down

    I intend to zone a Cape style house with two up and one down.

    When zoning hot air system for heat and cooling in New England would I be better off going with zone dampers.

    The other option is to rework the ductwork to essentially seperate it on the supply side.

    Would like to know the benefits or detriments of each.

    Will be installing high efficiency furnace with ECM motor.

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    This application seems very " specific " to me...I'm picturing an " a Frame " style home in a climate that has a high heat loss and a lower gain. Just off hand I'd say to go with a dual fuel based on " specific " loss and gain calculations. For zoning I'm big on " manual " ...but in this case I'd go with a dual duct system and if automatic dampers are a " must have " ...simply energize them from the stat " mode " ( b or o terminals ). I'd also find a way to establish a minimum position on these dampers. Why not infloor radiant heat system and an air conditioning's what I would shoot for in that area. Minimum position is still " crucial " in this application. do modern residential zone control panels have this ? In 1992 they did not...we had to use long screws.

    wait..cape cod....a funny roof line that reduces the second floor area...I remember now. been awhile
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    Two systems,two compressors,four fans,to buy,maintain,repair,and eventually replace. Only advantage is ,if one is down the other is working.

    Zoning would be my choice.Two stage furnace and two stage A/c or Heat pump.

    Check out Carrier's Infinity Zoning,the best especially when using an ECM motor.

    Use the search function on this site to see what other homeowners think of their zoning system.

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