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    No I don't, that was the previous company I worked for. I can try and find the Whirlpool number for you, it is cheaper to order them thru them.

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    This site has a ton of info on the little Whirpool icemakers, including restringing kits. Don't know if the parts are the same as the larger machines, but perhaps it will help:

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    Thank you Madhat and Icemeister. The problem is those grids won't work for the larger machines as the ice slabs are for cutting grids that are 19" x 21".


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    Man, I have not thought about one of these for a long time! Was the first IM I had the chance to work on. Had water cooled condenser and would not harvest. Bad condenser water valve. Fun to watch them work and so easy to clean. One tech said he kicked the voltage up from the (i think) 5 volts to 12 volts and made it really chew through the slabs.

    Before it dies and /or gets scrapped, you should do a you tube video of it in operation for posterity. I wish I had vids on some of the old stuff I had worked on to show my students.

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    That ice machine looks like a subzero mod 506. I have seen that same style ice machine with a couple different brand names.Subzero still make that cutter grid.

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