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I have a very hard time with the younger generation convincing them that companies only hire us to work on their buildings because we are bonafide Experts, not someone who was hired just to do the job.
The major problem i have seen is good work and attention to detail is so often over looked.
I have had apprentices who were rough around the edges, maybe a bit interesting to work with.
Not once did i ever complain to the company. As long as they do their job , show up on time and let me talk to the customer until they are ready im fine with everyone.
This trade has been influenced like every other profession with ticket punchers. The people who know what others want to hear.
So many times these are the people promoted or the shop favorites. Personally i dont care, but it breeds a kind of infighting and resentment that wasnt in this industry years ago.

One old fitter told me back in the day everyone got off work and went to the bar, hung out and built good relationships, now due to hight dui penalties etc, people just go home. Add to that the fact that not many people even want to work with their hands anymore and you have a recipie for disaster.
Makes me wonder how the wall of shame isnt completely full.