i hope you don't have stock in the American car companies.

i hope you're having a nice time watching this little play put on by Obama , GM, and a whole host of actors.

why are the American car companies having problems?

because about 6 months ago the government approved massive imports from China to be sold in the United States, which means auto manufacturing is going to go the same path countless other industries have gone.

"i guess GM will just have to learn to compete" - George W Bush

why can't Americans "compete"? because dispite the fact most Americans want to buy American cars the government has been piling taxes and regulations on car companies to run them out of business.
in 1964 a brand new Ford Mustang was listed at about 2500 dollars, now, American car companies are forced to pay almost that amount to insurance companies that proved healthcare alone.
...that's just one worthless expense out of many.

the lesson is, democratic workers with rights can never compete with slave labor.
the socialists want to make sure we understand that.

our government under W and Obama took money out of the treasury and handed it to CEOs of large companies, perhaps the deal was they keep their mouth shut of what the REAL problems are with running the company, and they get billions of dollars to split up and live happily ever after