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    Obama's Date Night

    Am I the only one that thinks this guy using U.S. tax payers money to fly a plane to NYC, fund a security detail and all the advance work that it requires just to see a play , go out to dinner and act like a big shot is so out of line that it's border line crazy? With the economy in the crapper, unemployment on the rise, two ground wars going on and two major U.S. car in bankruptcy this guy is blowing money on a date night. This guy thinks that tax payers funds are his to blow anyway he wants and the brain dead american press seem to glorify it, promote it and even think we owe it to him. I don't know what this guy has on somebody or what leverage he is using but it must be pretty bad to be able to run all this crap by the American public. All I can do is shake my head and think of that Merle Haggard song " Are the Good times Really Over For Good"
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    Why did you have to post this my friend? it just put my blood pressure through the roof. i feel like i'm watching a TV show when it comes to this guy. the reason he gets away with this crap is b/c the media is just in love with him, and a lot of people actually believe the crap he spewing.
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    Our president is looking to become a martar. Maybe he really does want to be like President Lincoln.

    It has been noted that President Bush was very cogniscent of the cost incurred for him to have a social life outside of the White House, so he very rarely did so. President Obama on the other hand is an egotistical showman who wants to be seen in public as often as he can.
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    Just wait until the summer gets here and GM (government motors) shuts down for the summer like they said they would... it will take a few weeks for the ripple to work through the economy and everyone will be blaming "that idiot in the white house" for everything wrong. Those that laugh last... you know the rest...

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    I think obama just wants some bling-bling and lavish return for his meteoric rise in politics. I think he deserves it. Unseemly perhaps, but it is his call. It is a small matter in real dollars anyway, he pisses away trillions without any concern for our future.

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    nobama is a think he gives a rats ass about what anything costs?? look at what hes doing to the economy.....and no one has the balls to take him to task...

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    I think this is fairly in line with how he's handled most things. It was 'an outrage' for the then failing automaker C.E.O.'s to travel from Detroit to Washington in a private plane no matter the circumstances. But, instead of finding some local entertainment in the incredibly small town of Washington D.C., he and the missus had to fly up to New York for a night on the town...did they do this type of thing often before becoming the 'first couple'? I wonder.
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    wasnt that the theater that lincoln got shot??

    damn...................never mind!!

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    It's hard to believe that he could actually be that self centered and ignorant, given the way things are going. He lives in his own dream world. Sure wish someone would wake him up.
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