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I know you guys are having some fun, but we were required to go to ANY place that could have residents, even those living in tents or in their car. Had to ask every business if there was anybody living on the premises. Yes, it is a head count. That's what determines things involving Federal money, Guys.

All of the censuses I worked on were "Special" between the 10 year census which means the towns involved actually paid the Census Bureau to perform them. The reason: Federal Money. This is serious $$$$ in a fast growing area.

Hope nobody got cranky with you. To my knowledge none of the people I worked with in two states and 5 towns from large to small (not real sure how "bull dog" got the info) ever got testy with occupants.
Thanks for the reply Jerry, I am just a paranoid gun/bible-clinger so I naturally get worried over reports of census over extensions of duty.

Like you said, "just a head count" so no need to worry. Thank you for indulging my foolishness with a reply.