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Thread: HR 1207

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    HR 1207

    Again our wonderful MSM is not reporting on the real news,
    and people this is news and everybody should get on board
    and e-mail their respective representatives on the banking

    Don't let this bill die. You can sit by the side of the road like
    a fence post and gripe about Congress not doing anything
    not care where the money is going and just watch the country
    die a slow painful death.

    The FED has to be audited,you know it and just one man
    has got the guts to stand up and say enough is enough.

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    This man KNOWS what he is talking about.
    There are 179 co-sponsors on HR 1207.

    He knew about the the housing crisis.
    He knows what happens when the goverment
    expands at a rate that it is going.

    If you would like to live in a banana republic
    then do nothing and watch it happen.

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    Sorry not the banking commitee but the House finance commitee.

    This is my rep whats yours ?

    And forget about Barney let him eat crow.

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    We need 100 reps just like him who have the B**LS to tell it just as they see it.

    This could only come from a guy from Texas where everyone else has been nuetered or has their hand out looking for the stimulas money that won't do a thing.

    Less goverment less spending not more,more,more.

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