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Thread: pellet grill

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    pellet grill

    Won a traeger pellet smoker from local Johnstone, anyone have any good recipes?
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    Quote Originally Posted by probe View Post
    Won a traeger pellet smoker from local Johnstone, anyone have any good recipes?
    Those are pretty neat. I was going to get one because I burn wood pellets for heat. But come to find out you can't use the same wood pellets that you heat with for cooking.

    Everything taste better smoked. Marinate some chicken breast in orange juice for a hour or so. Then slow cook Them for about 1.5 hours. Chicken really likes to soak in the smokey flavor for some reason.

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    Try Dizzy Pig seasonings on your meats. I think you can only get them online but you gotta give it a try. My favorite is the Jamaican Jerk (chicken) and Dizzy Dust on pork.

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    this is a bradley smoker forum but there are some great recipes on here.

    there are also a bunch of guys that have traegers on here and could probably help you out.
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