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    Exclamation Bad news, if you catch crabs

    anywhere around north korea. It would seem unlikely that NK would endanger any food-source, as they reportedly starve as a regular policy.

    But the recent fiasco, has indeed hurt fishing interests:

    "Our forces are watching these movements (by Chinese fishing boats) with the view that they could be signs that indicate the possibility of North Korea's aggression," Defence Ministry spokesman Won tae-jae said.

    The 1999 and 2002 clashes were in June, the peak of the three-month crab season when fishing fleets jockey for the best spots near the contested maritime border.

    "Now that there's talk of ... an all-out war, we fishermen are worried," said 48-year-old Yeonpyeong island fisherman Kim Jae-sik.

    I think NK must have another agenda very important, to become a priority over basic food needs. And catching crabs in that part of the world is much more prevalent than here in the USA. I guess that must be because they have more ocean/coast-line proportionately than we have here.
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