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    "Cool Surge" Rip-off

    Saw a full page ad in yesterday's Baltimore Sun. Look's like the makers of the "Heat Surge" have a cooling product: "Cool Surge".

    The add shows a technical looking guy in a white lab coat and white gloves holding a penny. Headline reads "Public staying cool for just pennies".

    How it works:
    "The Cool Surge portable air cooler is a work of engineering genius from the China coast so advanced that no windows, vents, or freon are required. It's as easy to use as a baby's vaporizer and even includes 2 sets of the re-usable glacier ice blocks. That gives you a total of 8 hours of extra cooling power. It uses the same electricity as a 60-watt light bulb, yet it blasts out ice cooled air. The high efficiency motor cools the air in an average sized room up to 10 degrees so you'll instantly feel cool and refreshed......."

    The add goes on...."And here's the best part, readers of this publication who beat the 48 hour deadline get one FREE when they order one, and cover the shipping of each."

    I feel bad for the multitude of people (mostly senior citizens) who will be fooled into buying this garbage. Probably the same folks who bought the Heat Surge or Amish Heaters.

    Price is a waste of $300.

    Oh, and "no dealers accepted" per the ad.

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    Hmm Cool Surge???

    We also have companies selling electric heaters that will operate on "pennies" a day, however once folks buy them, they find that they cost the same to operate as the resistance heaters they can buy at Westlake hardware for 1/10th the price!!! Only the cabinets are a much better quality!
    My sister in law bought one of the Amish "made" fireplaces, and it looks like it is made for a dwarf or someone realllly small! Even with the "optional" hearth, it's about 1/3 the size of an actual fireplace! ONCE AGAIN, IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE........YEAH.

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    "Cooling breakthrough" my foot. It appears to be nothing but a device that blows air over a coil filled with circulating water that flows over a "glacier block" that you have to refreeze in your home freezer. Not much different than somebody taking an ice chest, filling it up with water and ice, sticking a pump and hoses in it, and hooking all that to an old fan coil, evaporator, or the like with a fan stuck behind it.

    The "Cool Surge" might make a person sitting in front of it feel a little cooler, but, as its own literature says, it's not an air conditioning device, and will diminish in capacity as the "glacier block" melts. And it's farfetched the thing can lower a room's temperature by ten degrees. The laws of heat transfer are not fooled by slick marketing and packaging.
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