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You probably want to have the installing company back out to look at it. Could have charge problems, or something else preventing you from cooling effectively. Was the old unit a 3 ton that it replaced? They can come out and take measurements and perform checks. Should be under labor warranty with >1 year old.
Yes, the charge was a bit low. He said when when it was installed, it might have been cooler out (now is is 90 degrees during the day) and they didn't get it quite perfect. So added a bit of coolant. Temperature is now 20 degrees less coming out of the vent then the temperature at the air return

Couple other things:

I need to fill the hole in the wall underneath the thermostat with caulk to keep the hot air in the walls from tripping out our thermostat (this I knew).

There is a slight leak in the duct in the garage where the air-handler is located letting cool air out. They are coming back to get that patched up with mastic. One other thing . . . This is a 1954 house so we have an attic fan. The opening is only 6 inches away from the air return in the hallway and is likely pulling air down out of the attic and back into the system. So, we are going to patch that up since we don't really use it anyways.

I'm blabbing - I'll stop.

Your right . . . No charge for the service call.