I got rid of my answering service, they would always screw up and call me when I was not on call, or some dead beat that was a slow payer would interrupt you. We got a special cell phone, and gave the number to only our best customers. We just hand the phone to each other for on call, and the rest of the calls go to our regular line voice mail, they get checked in the AM. Some of the answering services bloopers were, calling my when I was in Las Vegas getting married. Calling me 10:30 at night while I was a sleep to tell me a customer called at 7:30 PM to say they were not paying a bill. Calling 11 PM with no AC residential. Called me when I was not on call a few times, I was skiing, a slow payer wanted service, or a non appreciative customer wanted service. Calling at 11:30 PM, Residential customer did not know how to use tstat.......... That is when I fired the service. But we are always there for our best customers that pay us, appreciate us, and don't *****.