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Thread: NASCAR

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeyBob View Post
    Isn't that the truth.........I was just telling my daughter that the other day when a 66 GTO was coming at us from a distance!

    She laughed at me!
    No doubt.....Now you can't tell a Chevy from a Ford from a frikkin Isuzu without looking at its' papers...It sux big time. But my '71 Torino will never be mistaken for anything else..........................
    Tough times don't last...Tough people do.

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    I think maybe those days may already be gone for good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by engineerdave View Post
    I think maybe those days may already be gone for good.

    This past weekend my wife and I went to an outdoor mall and sat outside enjoying people watching. We were sitting there for maybe 30 minutes or so; across from us was the valet which had a Yellow and Red 2009 Camaros parked in front. In that 30 minute time frame I would say 50-60 people stopped and commeneted or just starred at these two cars. These are V6 plastic cars... do you think people are desperate for good looking cars? When have you seen someone stop and stare at a Pirus?

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