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    Duke flex batch broiler, anybody on here work on them yet?

    I got a real chin scratcher of a problem on this broiler I work on. I have to replace the lower burner sensor every 30-45 days. It is a the same location and I can't find anything wrong with the flame sensor, or the ignition module. As a matter a fact the last flame sensor I removed I installed at another location just to see if it would work and of course it did. When I check my mA they are all over the place unless I remove the sensor and place it in the flame by hand but as soon as I reinstall it, it won't work. I can't see any cracks in the insulation but who knows. Duke is going to have me send back one of the old flame sensors so they can test it and look it over but I don't think there is anything wrong with it. Any ideas?

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    I had this issue on a pan washer. Sensor would go out, but worked on another machine. I havent seen the particular equipment that you are working on, but I found the connector on the flame sensor wire had corrosion in it. It was a two piece connector that screwed together. Dont know if this will help but might get you going in the right direction.

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    flexible batch broiler

    I work on these broilers almost on a regular basis. I have had the same problem that you are having aand found that it is a grounding issue either in the main power or one of the grounding wires inside the unit. I would recommend rechecking and cleaning all of your ground wires and make sure the plug has a proper ground. This should fix your problem.

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    I work on these things all the time. I have found that the people do not clean them right. First thing sand the probe to clean all the baked on grease off. Next would be the connection. Most of the folks I deal with will clean with anything they happen to lay their hands on ie oven cleaner or degreaser. They cause the most problems.

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    Agree almost 90% of the problems are lack of proper cleaning and or poor ground we got em with and without the catalyst
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    Duke Flex broiler assistance

    Good day gent,
    I noticed that you guys are tech on this piece of equipment.
    I work in Italy and we got a Duke Flex broiler but we have had problem since day one.
    I regards the temp while it is cooking.
    let me know if somebody can help

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