I replaced a 1.5 HP R22 compressor for a keg cooler walk-in box this morning.Not thinking what could go wrong with filling the refrigerant,like any other day dumped some into the receiver,then started watching the moisture indicator and pressures and kept on charging.Was having a weird feeling about the glass when I got it to 200 PSI.At that point the internal relief valve opened in the brand new compressor.The high pressure switch tried to tell me but instead I blamed it and jumped it before this happened.
Had to wait and try to cool it (because the internal O/L opened too..) while thinking what the h**l is going on with my high side gauge.I determined it's not the gauge it's the headmaster (on the Russell unit) that's limiting the flow into the receiver.Soon as I saw my compressor was still okey and relief reset I turned the power off immidiately.(Too bad I didn't have a port or T connector on the discharge line..)
I cut the headmaster out,sure enough C to R side had crap in it.Tapped it onto something it's like dried mud that fell out.
Before the winter I will add a FCC to it.
The old compressor had mechanical failure.One of the two condensor fans was out (which I replaced it before starting the compressor.)Also evap was very dirty.I am too tired to get my notebook for model numbers right now,I don't think it's needed to enrich the story..
First time happening to me.I wonder if you guys see it once in a while too..