So I go out on a whistling / howling deep fat fryer I figure out that the right most burner is making a loud howling noise when the flame is on. Also of note was the fact that the other 4 burners looked clean and galvanized in color while my werewolf has a lightly oiled look over the entire burner.

I removed the burner looked at the holes the gas and flame comes through and didn't note anything odd. Tapped it around a bit and reinstalled it. Which worked and quieting it down for about an hour or so.

Anyone run into this before? I'm guessing that the fact that it doesn't look like the others (lightly oiled vs clean dry galvanized) may be causing some carbon build up and altering the shape of the holes making them into whistles. Other than replacing the burner or trying to clean it more fully I'm not sure if there is something I'm missing...

Any help would be appreciated