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    Analysis Opinions

    Not sure exactly where to start here. Found this informative forum and would like to see what some of the pros (if they would be so helpful ) may have to say, since I am not nor think I am as smart as the technician that seemed to know just about everything about everything HVAC Systems or otherwise

    I had a company come out to look at why the secondary line has been expelling water starting as soon as last year's heat wave and continuing now.

    The technician's site visit went as follows:
    1.When to attic and pulled air handler cover off to inspect coil

    2.Made comment that the hi and lo lines to compressor looked reversed (later he recanted that statement when he visited the compressor site and determined I had a heat pump)

    3.Drug hand over evaporator coil after gaining access and showed me that there was water on his hand and this was a bad sign of...(Freezing?) I think

    4.Told me that it looked like the evaporator coil was not looking good, maybe would last into the peak of the summer (Yea, I saw the punch line coming here)

    5.Commenced with telling me that the furnace box and air handler are two different sizes, 17" to 21" difference (See pic)

    6. Gave me the news that it would be best to replace the entire system for only $$,$$$.$$ after tax!

    7.Went to condenser site, measured voltage at starting cap...said within 5% of tolerance (This is OK, I suppose?)

    8. Did NOT measure freon levels, but fortuntately I had this done last year by a different co and watched...No leaks then and system still blows with ~ 20 degree drop from return to registers typically for now...

    9.Went back up to attic and I said as I requested with their dispatch, Please Blow the main line, I had to authorize this as a second task and they did, with a nitrogen bottle

    10. Looked as lines leaving the coil...Stated that since the main line T junction was level with the pan overflow line, it backfed (which it does look like) and pushes out to pan then finally flows out secondary line (see pic)

    Finally, I thought I received what appeared to be the current issue answer. The lines did look to be level at the T junction. I do not know about the evaporator coil condition but that cost was ~50% of the total system cost as quoted by this company. I sure could use some second opinions here. I always take the opinion of someone that diagnosis a system without looking at the entire system first whatever it is...with more than a grain of salt. Oh, please forgive my ignorance if I haven't included pertinent info. I'll track it down and post though

    The generic system specs. 4-Ton Carrier Gas Furnace, AC 10.? SEER System, installed by the builder ~ 6.5 Yrs. Old. Never had any problems with unit(s).

    Thank you for any guidance!


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    In the first pic.
    It looks like your coil is sloping to the front/discharge air end.
    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    you did not get a tech you got a salesman and a dumb one at that find a new service other thing the evaporator coil will almost always be wet while ac is cooling its doing what it is supposed to do remove humidity i also do not under stand why blowing the drain is a second task i guess his first task was to sell you a new unit

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    Yes get a new technician.

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    "Get a new technician" I think seems to be a common theme I'm betting. I just don't really know where to start. I wish I had a good local source to go with in the Houston area. If anyone knows a good guy out in the Katy area, I'd appreciate it.

    I'd rather go with a smaller company (owner operator) Moore than one of these big all-in-one mechanical services companies that has a strong sales initiative. Guess I should have asked what his commission rate is before he started.

    Oh well, the secondary line is not dripping so much now...

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