Haven't posted on this wall for a while, here goes!! This system is in a care facility for seniors. The problem was they were not able to keep up with the hot water demands and were replacing storage tanks every year. There are 2 large hydrotherm modular boilers that heat this building, 7 burners for each boiler. 3 burners on one of the boilers are designated for heating the domestic water. I did this job in July of last year. Enjoy.

existing system, these tanks were installed in approx. 1999. 4 100 gallon storage tanks

existing system used parallel piping

the domestic water was heated through this heat exchanger. The 3 boiler burners would heat the water to the heat exchanger with gravity convection.

New system, 3 smart 120 indirect water heaters. This is the first project that we used smart water heaters from triangle tube and I have no complaints.

We isolated each indirect as its own zone with it's own boiler burner so if anything happens with one, we can isolate and bypass it.