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Are you anal enough to have saved each electric bill for quite some time? I am.
No. I envy you for that quality.

[/QUOTE]Maybe at least you have checkbook registers that identify the dollar amount for a few years back? [/QUOTE]
At least 18 years worth.

[/QUOTE] The KWH usage can be re-constructed exactly if you know how the bill is calculated. Usually there is 1) a customer charge, 2) a low-usage cheap block, 3) a normal-usage higher-priced block. Occasionally another complication such as a block at a certain rate which only applies to summer or winter. All in all a handful of elements which are fairly easy to understand. The rates change from time to time, but that is a matter of legal record and that info can be obtained from the regulators. [/QUOTE]

Well, I'm interested in finding out, but not THAT interested.

Thank you anyhow.

EDIT: So much for trying the multiple quote thing.