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He's lying? And you know this how? Did your bible tell you? Have you got the memos Cheney keeps babbling about that supposedly prove that waterboarding worked and kept us safer? And the Bush administration lied to everyone about everythign else, why wouldn't they lie to Congress about what they were doing? Or do you have poof that she knew every detail about what was going on? And do you know that, legally, she couldn't say anything even if she did know? Of course you knew that, you know everything.
I take the testimony of many over one. You, on the other hand, go along with the first idiot to come along that agrees with you.

Not looking good for your credibility, Frosty. (Why am I not surprised?)

BTW, what does the Bible have to do with any of this? You looking for a fight? Forget it. I don't fight with women.