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    High Velocity + Humidifer = Confused


    I am having a hard time getting a straight answer from some of the vendors I contacted when trying to purchase an A/C and humidifier for my home.

    I was hoping someone from this forum can help educate me

    I have the following
    - new townhouse 1727sq ft, middle unit, 3 floors
    - air handler is High Velocity Systems HV-52 (operates at 550rpm)
    - boiler is Quietside QVM9

    I live in Toronto so the winters are cold, my humidity for most of the winter was 15%. I keep the furnace fan on all the time.

    - Can a honeywell TrueSteam 509 be used on my system without worrying about rust or excessive power usage?
    - Can the aprilair 600A humidifier be used without an HRV? (I was told the rpm of my fan is too slow)
    - Can the aprilair 700A humidifier be used on my air handler? and is this overkill? it true that only one supplier makes the air coils for High Velocity Systems? This is in relation to Air Conditioning. I think one place called the manufacturer "Kent Mizer" but I can't bring up anything on google.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated. It's all very confusing.

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    I couldn't find any literature on your HV unit but we use Unico Systems in Calgary here for all our HV jobs, a similiar product I'm sure.

    As for humidification we seem to only install the Generalaire DS-15 steam humidifier as all supply ducts are round spiral and require a remote hose to be mounted inside. Having read over this though I am leaning toward the TrueSteam.

    I wouldn't worry about rust as long as any excess moisture that builds up in the duct has somewhere to drain. The DS-15 comes with a hose that installs downstream of your duct/steam hose to collect any excess moisture and drains it back to the main drain. Not sure if the TrueSteam has this capability.

    And I can't comment on the AprilAir products as we have yet to install one. Sorry.

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    Thanks for the response. I called the tech department at High Velocity systems and they confirmed that the TruSteam will work on the system without problems. The tech guy has one installed on his home unit.
    Also the system automatically drains itself so there shouldn't be a problem with rusting.

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