Good afternoon,

A few weeks ago, our furnace seemed to be pushing less volume to the registers. We had a local company service our existing furance and install a new burner. The furnace and HVAC is approximately 18 years old.

The last test run was to detect CO2 levels. They shut down the system after the reading surpassed 26ppm during a high burn with no blower running? He said there was a small visible crack in the heat exchanger, but would not be able to determine other cracks without replacing the exchanger that was under warranty.

Since then, I've had three companies access the situation to replace the furnace and a/c unit. One said a High Efficiency furnace cannot be installed in my basement to properly vent outside to code as the logical run has a window and dryer vent that would be too close. The run proposed by the following companies for venting was rejected by this company because the pitch could not be accommodated to code. The other two companies said a HE could be installed venting out another side of the finished basement if I didn't mind a few holes in the ceiling for installation of the intake/exhaust pipes.

All three representatives that visited has long tenures. With the varying options on proper installation and ventilation of the furnace, I'm not sure who's opinion to go on. The first representative quoted a Trane 80% unit with either a A/C or HP. The investment seems large for 80% efficiency though it included other comfort options when compared to the other companies. I have no issues with paying for proper installation, but is the Trane brand more marketing than function when it comes to supplying basic comfort needs?

Are there representatives from companies in Omaha, NE on this board that solicit their services?

I appreciate your feedback.