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The ONLY thing that I am saying is I would not recommend converting it to 410 once its been run using 22. Or vice versa. I've seen too many customers replace their indoor coil with a 22 txv/orifice just to get by. Then replace their outdoor unit in 410a and convert their coils txv or orifice to match. And then their compressor craps out because the coil had 22 oil residue that didn't work with the oils in 410a. I'm simply saying. Choose a refrigerant and stick with it.

Not anywhere near what you said in your other post.

Second, R22 equipment is being phased out this year. I would suggest replacing the outdoor unit and coil with R410A refrigerant. Otherwise you will have to replace the coil inside by the end of the year to be sure you can find one that is R22 compatible.
You implied he wouldn't be able to get an R22 coil next year.