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    Need Help with Hydronic PTAC Unit

    I live in a Manhattan condo which uses hydronic PTAC units. The originals are about 25 years old and were made by Carrier. I'm not certain but I believe the sleeve is 42" wide. I called several companies which offer replacement for these units. Apparently the only options are Islandaire and Ice Air (Ice Cap?) Also, Mcquay is available, however, its my understanding that its not a direct replacement and the heating element needs to be replaces as well as the exterior box. I have two quotes for Ice Air units which range from xxxx to xxxx per unit depending on the company. Mcquays are even more expensive.

    Is there any significant difference between Islandaire and Ice Air in terms of quality, reliability, and noise? My super first suggested Ice Cap and then Islandaire, however he had never heard of Ice Air. After some research it appears that Ice Air is Ice Cap. I had an Islandaire replacement unit in another apartment and the compressor only lasted 3 seasons before it needed to be replaced (under warranty.) I was never impressed with the unit.

    My apartment is approximately 1,100 sq ft (2 bedroom) and there are four units. Three 115V 9K BTU units in the bedrooms and dining area and one 208V 15K BTU in the living room. I do get a lot of direct sun in late afternoon.

    I want to replace the bedroom units and both firms suggested 12K BTU units. The bedrooms are 150 sq ft. and 200 sq. ft respectively. When the old units were working they appeared to cool sufficiently, however, air flow through the heating element seemed more of an issue than actual cooling power. Is it ok to increase the units from 9K to 12K BTU for these room sizes? My guess is that the 12K BTU units are what is available and therefore that is what they want to sell.

    Thanks for your advice.

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    Sorry about including the pricing info. I didn't realize it was against the forum rules. Would appreciate if some could answer my two questions below.


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    Does anyone have an opinion on Islandaire vs. Ice Air units? Thanks

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    Not familar with either of them.
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    Sorry, me neither. Only familiar with the cheapos not the replacement units like you are mentioning.

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    I have installed a lot of Mcquay equipment and it is very good. I would go with that if you have a choice.
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    both of them brands are ok not much in units to go wrong.
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