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    Quote Originally Posted by Phase Loss View Post
    I use mine on active racks every single day i am working. I use them on roofs, machine rooms, rain, freezers. and many other conditions and have never had any problems. I have dropped, stepped, spill chemical on them and still have not had any problems.

    try to drop your analog set...i bet the gauges plastic screw on cover smashes
    or your could buy the glycerin filled gauges so the needle will not vibrate...but it is only a matter of time until the cheap plastic plug on top of the gauge falls out and all the glycerin spills out.
    I must have a half dozen of the liquid filled Yellow Jackets and everyone of them leaked and the plug was still in them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reeferman View Post
    I must have a half dozen of the liquid filled Yellow Jackets and everyone of them leaked and the plug was still in them.
    they alway do just got some cps sets 2 weeks ago already leaking
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    i have a set of Y/J oil filled gauges that have been on the same manifold for three years, and no leaks.

    WTH are you guys doing to them things???

    tear the horns off a billy goat
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    Quote Originally Posted by gatorfan9606 View Post
    i yet have not met anyone that uses these gauge on a rack there was a rep from YJ that told me theres to much vibration on these racks etc.. i walked away asking myself a/c have just as much vibration as rack maybe a lil less but are they meant to be used every day they look so... delicate
    Thats a load of Crap. Tell him to prove his point. About the DiGcool

    That as bad as the JB rep who told the guy he need to buy a new vacuum pump because his 3 CFM was to small for Resi work Then went on to tell him he needed a Minimum of 7 CFM.

    That joker need to go sell used cars
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