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    had a similiar problem with a chiller manufacturers card. go into settings and set the program to run as if it is running on windows xp. this usually works.

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    Lightbulb Controls in vista

    Ok, I have been in the IT field for over 20 years and controls for almost just as long and when it comes to any of the controls products they are not supported in vista. You can try any brand of adapters and different brands of computer and it can be a hit and miss. Not all computer and OS are nit made the same. Depending on mother boards chip set bios settings and os and how a manufacture changes the os all plays a roll. Even if you get it to work today any update or addtion of a program such as sky can stop it from working at all. The only way to make sure you can get it to truly work give you accurate information and be stable is to put a dual boot on your machine. Now the issue with that is now they are not making xp drivers for newer systems so you may need to do so research to see if you can back date your system. Most of the time you can get it to work but you may not find drivers for such things as sound and will have to boot to your vista drive for your media stuff. I setup mine with a tech partion that boots to xp and I know is stable and a general use partion that boots to xp. Now with windows 7 we are looking into a whole new lot of issues and I have just started testing all of the different controls software on that OS. If you are going to do this remember to backup your system and make a set of the system restore CDs recomended by the manufacture if you don't and something foes wrong as it does you will be in a world of hurt. Also if you do not know how to do this it is going to take some time and you will add a few gray hairs to your head. I would always recomend keeping an older xp based machine just in case as running any controls product can cause issue. If anyone would like direction on how to setup a dual boot please email me and i will be more then happy to send you the step by step.

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    Are you running 32 bit vista or 64 bit vista?

    I ask because I have had no problems with the 32 bit version of vista with my USB rs485 converters. I have never had luck with vista 64 though.

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    What controls software are you using? How many machines do you have it running on? What Ver of Vista? What IIS, antivirus, and so on.. What type and model of system do you have it on? It is not impossible to get it to run just has a lot of factors LON software seems to work on almost anything, Plexus will work in Vista but you need to downgrade your iis to 6.0 anything above that will not work, BNC seems to have issues depending on the chipset and so on. As I said there are many factors... I have tried most systems and Vista and trying new configs all the time. Not all system give you access to things such as full Bios config and sometimes a BIOS flash is required. So when it comes to a USB connector depending on the machine you may not have access to the necessary config to get it to work properly or it maybe a software issue to high a update or to low on various software loaded in the machine.

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    serial ports

    Quote Originally Posted by Texasgrand View Post
    None of our laptops have serial ports.
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