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    How many tons is his unit?


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    thank you. Another question. We'd like to have our compressor moved away from the house. The location I would like it to be would be about 75 feet from the evaporator, including two necessary 90's. We're going to have a three ton Trane or American Standard complete system put in. Is this doable? I didn't ask the contractors because my wife didn't think of it until after they made their sales call.

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    Thank you yet again. Allrighty then. What, if any, objections will I have to overcome? I've actually pretty much selected the contractor, and it wasn't based on price either.

    As an aside, I had three guys come out. The first was a pair of owner/installers that seemed knowledgeable enough but didn't supply me with model numbers in their bid as I had specifically requested. The second contractor did, and also supplied me the eer's. The third guy was very knowledgeable but wants to price out a Cadillac installation [moving airhandler/evaporator into the attic, changing diameter of furnace flue - I think uneccesary because top of stack clears peak so draft isn't an issue], which is desireable, but also which I can't really afford. I told this guy what I wanted a price on and I haven't heard back from him yet - I probably won't.

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