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Thread: 9mm or not?

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    hey eapplesmeister

    I agree with you 100%. I am good at shooting targets but have no idea what would happen if it was the real deal. I do know I feel better with it whether I ever use it or not.
    It's a crazy world out there these days.

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    Hmm Have you REALLY thought it out?

    Mr. diceman,

    Just wondering if you have reviewed in your mind what you would do in certain situations - I mean, unless you have pre-planned what you will do, you might not do what you eventually wanted to do. Unless you have a natural tallent to make quick & accurate descisions in a crisis situation, and have the physical control to carry out your descision, I feel you are flirting with disaster.

    I agree that self defence is important. But don't forget that it includes the ability to avoid danger before it approaches (the best way to avoid having to use a gun is to have the strength of character to avoid those situations). Learning to recognize danger situations and avoid them will help you live longer than being able to hold ANY size weapon while you are being shot in the face!

    I guess, tho, that someone has to live and work in the city area prone to crime. Knowing myself, I could never carry a firearm for protection for fear of accidentally injuring the wrong person (a child down the sreet from where I was shooting - and missing my target). No, I think I'd just rather wet my pants and hope the assailant is satisfied with my embarrassment and lack of what ever they got from me. Maybe thats why I try to avoid working or being alone in the high crime areas.

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    my first reply was about pepper sprey, dose good on those pesty dogs also.the ones that look like

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    Hey Dadreuter

    I'm 48 years old, not some kid playing Kojak. I have thought about it and of course I am aware of avoiding situations that appear threatening, but if you read the previous posts you will see my point. And no I don't want to shoot some innocent kid down the street. But I have kids too, although older, still they want their old man around for many years to come. These thugs and nut cases have no fear or respect and I have plenty of both. If I absolutely had to, would I use it?
    My guess right now is Yes.

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    Thanks! And this 40-something, soon to be a 50-something, has also thought it out. I side with you on the matter.

    On a slightly different note, I am more than willing to accept all the free advice and input on hvac stuff that anyone has to offer. Obviously, I won't jump at everything everyone recommends. But, it's good to have different opinions and recommendations to consider when making a decision.

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    hay diceman the rules are about to change again on gun laws will soon wont be able to carry a water gun haha. i no develope a lazor and zap im. well i dont care im still going to get me a pearl hadeled 9mm beretta. i forgot to mention when i lived in witchata kansas i use to cary a double barrl sawed off shot gun 12ga 16inch under the seat of my car and what a pattern that threw. i sure got rid of that when i almost was forced to use it on a person who forced his way into the passenger side of the car but anyway that person jumped out quickly. and i hid the gun for a long time. its eather be killed or not to be thats the question.

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    hey roy.....

    Thnaks for the vote of confidence..... I think.

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    Talking Violence is not the way diceman!

    Diceman I personally don't believe in guns!
    You must have some tough customers(rough necks huh!)
    Guns are trouble! If your going hunting that's a different
    Carry a stun gun or mace.
    It always the nice guy who finish last.

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    Hmm rat a tat tat

    I don't like to hunt much and I am very non-violent. I just think the world is getting crazy but I still like being part of it. I never owned guns when my kids were little. Maybe the media scares us more than necessary and maybe not. Thanks for your input.

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    Hey Dice, I am thankful that I work in an area that I don't have to carry my gun during the day. But if I have to go out on a afterhours call in a bad part of town, I WILL strap it on. Although if I have a bad feeling about it I will just drive away. My co. policy is NO GUNS in the vans. I also have a 9mm and a 357 that I plink targets with, I agree with you that a 9mm would stop someone. Especially if you shoot them in the face.


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    some people seem to forget that there's a warm body holding the firearm, and that warm body has to make a decision whether or not to pull the trigger. The firearm doesn't fire itself, and it's not the firearm that's people who kill. The warm body holding the firearm has to decide what to do, when and how. A trained person, a disciplined person, will know what to do. I side with you on this issue.

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    Yup, and this warm body wants to remain warm!

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    When i worked in the inner city, I always carry. I do Have personal rules about Concelled carry permit ( ccp )
    1) inner city, always on me-- If u read " strangest things" on my other post i explain why
    2) always carry one in the truck. ( I have a gun safe bolted and tack welded to the floor between the seats )
    3) Never carry my weapon into a customers home in the 'burbs, in the city no problem.
    4)if confonted----retreat, retreat, retreat. call cops
    I do shoot compitition I can burn through 30 rounds in under 15 seconds all in the " 10 " ring
    Of course I talk to myself

    sometimes I need expert advice

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