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Thread: 9mm or not?

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    9mm or not?

    As of last year I have been carrying a 9. I have a permit and all that. Some crazy incidents around here prompted me to do so. I work in some not so great areas as well. I am not a gun nut. I would only use it for self protection and if ABSOLUTELY necessary. I have also heard stories of dog attacks by pit bulls and rotweilers that were being hit by crowbars and such and not even phased. They had to be shot to stop them.
    Any thoughts, liabilities, experiences? Thanks.

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    Somewhere I had read that you are in PA, I'm in Pittsburgh. Currently I reside in the suburbs but will be moving to the city in about 3mths. Not looking forward to it at all.
    With some of the things that I have seen around here I totally agree with your choice to carry. If you are familiar with the area then you may recall a shooting in the South Hills area at a local bar. Five people were shot, all injured, none died. They all had permits to carry. Only one went to jail. He had carried a gun for years, he does not carry a gun now. He is partially paralyzed. Point being if you carry you'd better be prepared to use it and face the consquences however they may turn out.

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    I'm an old cowhand from the Rio Grande
    Except for law enforcement officers, I'm not in favor of anybody packing concealed weapons. Collect,hunt,target shoot,protect your home all you want just don't carry them around me. Talk about opening up a can of worms.

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    I don't know if geer works in city areas or not, anyway, it's not people like me you have to worry about.

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    Discipline is the name of the game. I believe that the use of deadly force is governed by the following test (and I am using terms loosely)...if your life isn't in danger, then don't use the firearm. If there is any other way that you could extricate yourself from the situation without having to use the firearm, then don't use it. Otherwise, the DA will say that you yourself believed that the use of deadly force wasn't necessary and, therefore, you have committed a crime by using the firearm.

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    Worked in rest. once changed motor manager paid cash out of till i' didn't make it to truck Guy asked for it I gave it.Now I have permit to carry but don't,what is the use if you have to have trigger lock.I'do have pepper sprey and big cresent in bag.I also take cell every where even deep in attics.

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    jayr Guest
    up here in northern minnesota we have a saying
    "40 below keeps out the rif-raf"
    reading posts like this makes cleaning an oil burner in the sticks a bit more inviting.
    take care!!

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    I don't have a trigger lock. Just cock it and it's ready to go.......Anyway I think some of the biggest crazies live in the sticks, nobody ever finds out what the hell they do!!

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    If you are going to use deadly force, your back has got to be against the wall with nowhere to go(like what eapples said). You cannot use a firearm to protect your property
    either(van, tools, etc.). I agree sometimes carrying a firearm is opening up a can of worms, but innocent people(including HVAC'ers) get murdered all the time.

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    I would only use it if my back was against the wall as I previously stated. One apartment bldg. I take care of is in a higher crime area, I don't go there at night, and it is OK in the day. Anyway about 1 or 2 years ago, on the very street I was on a a million times, a tow truck driver was shot by some youths just for fun. Just were walking by him and decided to shoot him. Since then there have been other incidents, some were on the national news, about nut cases just going out and shooting perfect strangers at point blank range. One of those incidents was in a building I had worked in installing/servicing refig equipment over the years. Then another mass shooting in an area I had been in many times. People think it can't happen in their neighborhood. After that I decided to carry. Hope I never need it and most likely will not.

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    Hmm I can relate

    Unfortunately I think their is no clear answer because everything is circumstantial. Thats what gets the cops around here, they dont see any action and then when they get complasant they get killed. I work around the projects here in Chicago all the time, but havent had any problems yet. Sometimes I think they are looking at me like a bunch of coyotes look'n at a domestic dog. They like to snipe out the windows too. Problem is that when I'm going to have an oportunity to need a gun I will not see it coming and if I do see it coming my response will be construed as pre-meditated. Everything is about race here too, so the odds are if I do get into a situation I'll be pegged as Mark Ferman and screwed. I worry about it all the time, I got a two and a half year old and another on the way, ya know, someones equipment aint worth it.

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    When I first read this post I thought; why do you guys have to always have guns? Then after reading a few replies it really makes me appreciate how good I've got it. There is nowhere in my city I am afraid to go. My hat is off to you guys who have to deal with threats to your own safety. Money isn't everything, walk (or run) from a bad situation and give your wife and kids a big hug when you get home.

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    My Boss carries a sig-saur 40, he likes the power, and added capacity, when I get my permit for concealed carry, I'm thinking about the 10mm, or 357 magnum, I prefer more power, I've heard stories from law enforcement about cracked-out felons being shot several times with the 9mm, and still attacking them. I would prefer something that's going to stop whatever is attacking me immediately.

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