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Thread: 9mm or not?

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    Talking Don't worry

    I won't start a militia movement. I think those fatigue guys are whacked, unless they are in the service of course.

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    Talking A 9 in time saves lives

    So you're in PA? After the military, I was a state trooper in Delaware. Now I do Refrigeration in Texas(It's always hot and the pay is great). I'm licensed and carry a .45 S&W with Federal PDP ammo(They make that for 9mm as well). I know when the concealed carry law in PA passed, Philly was exempted, but I believe that has since been repealed(check with your DA). Texas Penal code states that..."It is not a defense to the prosecution if deadly force was invoked to prevent loss of life or limb... or if burglary was enacted during hours of darkness...". Most shall-issue states have similar statutes on their books(again, check with your DA for local specifics). Let me tell you, I've had to take a life before and it's something you'll never live down even if you're justified; but I am a firm believer in the right to self-preservation, and I continue to carry. Best of luck to you!

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Diceman
    9's pack a lot of power. Did you ever shoot one? If you use the self protection ammo( ie hollow points) I can't imagine not feeling as safe with it as anything else out there.

    I have an Astra 9mm which is relatively small. I like it 'cause I can stick it in my waistband and it is not noticeable. If you are going to have to shoot someone it is better to be using regular rounds than to use hollow point or tallon types. Reason: You may have to defend yourself in front of a jury and they want to know that you aren't some nut that gets off on shooting someone. Just enough force to stop the person. One round into the chest is better than several into the head, chest, nuts...ect.
    I like the fact that people are able to carry.

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    In case you've ever wondered...

    I think these sites have pretty good information on this subject.

    They rate the effectiveness of weapons from 22LR to 12GA in actual shootings.

    I do not carry, but do own quite a few. I hunt and belong to a Pistol and Rifle Club.

    I've been to Pittsburg, DC and Chicago. I can see why one there would want to cary...

    Docjones has seen this first hand. I think his advice on this subject is first rate. We should listen to him.

    None of us would ever be the same after taking another's life.

    Was doing a search for power factor when I came across this thread.

    Philippians 4:13

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    Exclamation Check out Fackler's research

    For an excellent study on the subject, check out the video "DEADLY EFFECTS", produced by Alexander Jason, former military and police officer. US Army Col. Martin Fackler is a military doctor and has case studies of tons of combat wounds. Their advice on the most importants aspects of stopping an assailant.
    1. Shot placement - no matter how powerful it is, if the bullet doesn't hit something vital, you will not stop your attacker.
    2. Penetration. - the bullet must go deep enough to hit vital organs.
    3. Bullet size and weight. The bigger and heavier a bullet is, the bigger the wound it will make and the more damage it will do.

    If you are going to carry, you should educate yourself on this matter.


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    Coastal Georgia


    That is why I have a 45 goverment model colt!

    I only care to shoot you with the best.

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    I agree with doc......

    if you take a life it will stay with you forever, I am sure. But at least you have some time to think about it as opposed to being dead while some A-Hole gets off on a technicality or never gets caught.

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    Thumbs up Dice has got it

    I would rather be tried by 12 than buried by 6.

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    I think every tech. should carry, maybe dateline would think twice about setting our crooked asses up.

    Did Dahmer live in a house with no heat?

    seriously now
    I hunt everyday (in season) mostly bowhunt guns have always been a part of my life and I can't imagine life without them. But I don't think people should be carrying guns on the streets. At anytime by any possible means our life could come to an end. I would rather die than to spend my life with the torment of worrying about being murdered and allways looking over my shoulder. If you find youself worrying about this and your only sense of security is knowing you have your little equalizer you should probably talk to a doctor about it.

    I am not saying anybody carrying a weapon has something wrong with them. Just that the gun is afalse sense of security it will get you killed quiker than save your life. And even quiker land you in prison with one mistake.

    I have had guns pulled on me four times in my young 26 year life. I have had a Knife pulled on me once and I was more freaked out by the knife than the gun. Why would the attacker shoot me? He has the gun I am no threat to him. If I had a gun in any of the four incidents somebody most likely would have died, I walked away alive.

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    Iv'e been reading these posts and noticed most are concerned with people on the street. But looking back, I have been threatened most in people's homes. One guy said if I didn't fix it right, his brothers Smith and Wesson will take care of me. I told him my brothers Sturm and Ruger might have something to say about it. A long silence then he said,"them pretty good brothers". Many cases of implied threats, like a gun on the table when fixing a callback and such. I don't work in the city much anymore, I am self-employed and try to weed out potentially dangerous customers, heck, I have even referred them to my competition!

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    That's the funniest thing I've read here. I think I would have laught my way out the door. See how he liked that.

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    I just read all of these post and respect anyone who may disagree with Diceman. However I am in full agreement. I have worked the sticks. It's less stress by the way of crime. Rate you can charge or pay you can get sucks and activity stops in the moderate weather. Your most trouble may come from the wild redneck at your local tavern on a friday night after a long week. My reality is I live in metro detroit and have done a fair share of work in some of the worst neighborhoods in the country. There are places here that make places like beruit and lebanon that you see on TV with all the fighting and bombing look like paradise. I was chit chatin with a detroit city cop a few weeks ago and he was telling me that there are some parts in the city the cops refuse to patrol on a regular basis due to the risk of lost lives of policemen. I have wised up and work only in the better suburbs. I do a lot of industrial and heavy commercial service work and at times we need to go into abandon buildings to shut a steam valve down or something and thats where you find a lot of gangs operating out of and crackheads just hangin onto life. They'd sell their own child for that crap. And to them your a target. There are people that run the streets of this city that probably have over 100 confirmed kills and the kids only 16. But how can I say to anyone that you can't protect yourself in an environment like that. Hell just having the confidence in knowing it is there may just get you out of the area. These animals watch you and you may not be aware of it, and they can sense fear beleive me. Just fix it and get out. No stop for gas. No stop for a pop. Just get the hell out of there. We always send atleast 2 but normally three men and always one has a gun for our protection. Good topic dice. I do beleive that this is a good topic and one for all of us in vans out doing gods work "refrigeration, HVAC" should be aware of and discussed.

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    It's a jungle out there. I just don't want to be the prey is all.

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