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    trane was doing warranty oks at a blink of an eye with the volume of equipment being sold in those late 80s in the city area...we were non union prior that and i saw 2 fitters take a black classic panel off the front of a cvhe with an ovehead chilled water pipe they were rigging ,and it wasn't an accident.copper to copper ch wtr coils on the new ABC studios and somebody went with an "all" and made holes all over the place on them all covered by the factory,kind of.back in the early 90s i was doing a 80 unit start-up on tranes SWUDs with vfds 80 tons each full bas...they threw the electrical company off the job on friday and with a new company starting monday all local #3...i had $375,000 worth of wire damage on the wires on 20 units and local #3 claimed the work 8 crews two per with a foreman...TURNER,LaSalle mgmt,Swicker Electric,and everybodies mother got involved with that,we billed $100,000 i waked the floors to assist #3 and pulled another tech in to contiue the start-ups.....isn't america GREAT!we were so busy with new s/u the office had to give money back to customers at the end of the year for contracts not visited as contracted for monthly.

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