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Im just curious at what the trending data proved I mean what fluxuations do you look for? Xvlv does that mean same as TXV or TEV?

Im trying to justify buying a digital outfit and your case sounds like a good reason.

That's correct TXV action along with SC & SH. I also have the temp sensor(s) so we can also trend outside air and/or inside air all on the same "graph". I picked up the 556 and the 435 set for performance testing. Pretty pricey but you can document everything on paper with accuracy.

My Testo's are used daily. But this is mostly a low end area and performance is secondary to price in most H.O.'s minds.

Now this being said the Digi-Cool units are very impressive! I tested a set for a while and found them to be very rugged and accurate. Doug has put his heart and soul into this product and it shows!