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    Heat Loss Calcs with HVAC Calc-heat loss #'s good for air or hydronic/radiant sizing?

    Engineer/house renovator here - trying to prepare for a new hydronic/radiant heating system in my expanded 1920's house which I've done heat loss calcs for using hvac-calc that I feel pretty solid about. is there any reason the btu's/hr needed for each room or zone would be any different if the heat was air vs. hydronic? should i be doing heat loss calcs - and sizing - with a radiant/hydronic focused program? can i size the amount of radiant and water temps and plate effects using the btu's/hr indicated from my detailed hvac-calc calcs?

    it seems my structure and it's heat loss characteristics - walls, insulation, windows, infiltration, fireplace, exposures, etc - would be the same - regardless of how I heat it - but perhaps due to the different heating and comfort effects of forced air vs. radiant (most under floor - a couple of euro radiator panel zones where i cant get under floor for staple up) - would result in some different btu/hr delivery profiles.?

    also - are there sizing and design program do you recommend for radiant/hydronic/pex loop design - loops, plates, sizing, supplies, water temps, etc.

    as an engineer and experienced house renovator i am designing my system and will select a radiant/hydronic pro to put it in for me - and tweak what I come up with. I want to nail this stuff down so i am most prepared and get the system I want.

    Thanks in advance.

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    HVAC CALC is fine for forced air, or radiant heat.
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