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    Quote Originally Posted by spotts View Post
    Boy Alloy! I'm saving this un. I switched oil for 1/3 lb bacon, which I fried with the onion.........and switched the vinegar for most of a Bud Light. Man! The carroway seeds really finish this off! Thanx!!!

    crap! Now I read the pollocks advice........ next time I wont cut it.
    I'm going to revisit this with your advice! Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by forged alloy View Post
    Made this last night

    Sauteed a sliced vidalia onion till it just started to carmalize in two Tbls of oil.

    Shook two Tbls of flour over it and stirred well

    Added 1 cup of chicken broth and one cup of apple cider vineger

    Then added a 24 oz package of baby red potatoes halved

    Two turkey kielbasa sausages (skinless) cut into bite size pieces

    One jar of bavarian saurkraut

    Season with pepper and caraway seed - there's salt in the sauerkraut

    covered an simmered - took about 30 minutes for the potatoes to get tender.

    Really tasty and inexpensive. Feeds about six or so people

    Next time I will double the onion amount.

    Regular Kielbasa would probably be better, but Wifey doesn't eat pork or beef.

    Makin this again today, one of my favs from the site. Thanx!!! It's that caraway seed that makes the dish for me!
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    Dump a couple cans of sauerkraut into a pan, cut up some weiners and toss them in..... heat for a while.

    Serve with cornbread

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    Quote Originally Posted by spotts View Post
    It's that caraway seed that makes the dish for me!
    I like caraway seed too! I like to grow herbs. For the most part it is easy to grow herbs.

    So after reading this thread I looked up how to grow caraway seeds. It's hard. Takes 2 years before you get any "fruit". Doesn't grow well in northern climates. But the further north it grows the better it taste. It takes a lot of fertilizer namely fishmeal (which probably stinks)

    Guess I'll just go buy the bottle when I need caraway seed.

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    Damn! I just realized I'm a polock too! That's the way we used to do it.

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    Homemade Kraut. Shred up cabbage, turnips, cauliflower, broccoli, whatever you can beg borrow, or steal. Pack it in a quart mason jar, pour in a tablespoon of salt and fill to the brim with boiling water. Seal and put away for at least a month. Best darned kraut you can get and you don't need a crock. Used to make 48 of these a year when I was raising boys.
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    Sweet n Sour Red Cabbage

    Grandmas recipe:

    Saute 1 onion
    Add 2T sugar
    Cut 1 head of red cabbage - fine
    Add 4oz water and salt to taste
    Cut up 1 apple and add to cabbage

    When cooked down and almost done add 2T of lemon juice in the mix.

    Pork roast, red cabbage, potato pancakes or spatzels, apple sauce. yummmmm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by REECHMAN View Post
    Damn! I just realized I'm a polock too! .
    You just realized it !!!!???? Are you Polish?

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