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    Quote Originally Posted by Springsdiver View Post
    And here I thought I was the only one to ever escape from Bennington, you been out in the real world before?
    I was going to ask you about digging a septic tank in WOODFORD !!!

    but then I saw you have Florida listed as your location.(I was thinking maybe Woodford FL) My camp is in Woodford. Right up behind the lake on Little Pond Rd. How long have you been out of God's country?

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    Been out of the god foresaken country for 17 years, Been in Florida (The land of neverending summer) for 10 years. Grew up in Bennington, still have Kin there so be careful of what you say (I can getcha )

    Before you ask, NO I DO NOT MISS THE SNOW, easier to cool down than warm up.

    Besides they try to make you eat split pea soup up there with ham and biscuits.

    P.S. I do not like cutting a hole in the ice to dive
    They be bad to me, I be bad to them!!!!!

    Diving, the other way to keep cool in Florida.

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