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    Question Have I been duped by my contractor?

    Hi all,

    I purchased what was supposed to be a Lennox 2.0 rooftop unit about a year ago. The PC board went and I got a new service contract with a company different from the company who installed it, after experiencing some poor customer service. It was then that I realized my part had to be ordered through Armstrong/Ducane (owned by Lennox), and my current contractor refers to my unit as a Ducane.

    The strange thing though is that my energy efficiency rebate was denied because the company who did the install refused to sign off. When I got the rejected application back in the mail from my utility company, the submission from the company who did the install had attached paperwork with my model and serial number but it says manufactured by "CONCORD".

    Because it's on the roof, I haven't seen it, but the new service tech tells me my unit says "Lennox" on it. Is it possible that my unit could have been refurbished or something to show a Lennox name on it, but it could really be Ducane or Concord? How could it say Lennox, yet, it is under warranty by Armstrong (I called them and they even say it is a Ducane). But how the heck did Concord come into play in all of this?

    Help please... I'm totally confused!

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    what are the mod. & ser. #s ?
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    Those rebates are a monster to fill out and send in. 1 out of 10 gets sent back to me for some crazy reason.
    He probably sent the wrong certificate to them. Even the way you have to go about getting the gama numbers 0nline is a pain.
    Call him and ask him to send in the right certificate , that he may have sent the wrong one in.
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    it might be time to have a lawyer review your contract and the installed unit to see if you got what paid for

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