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    Thumbs up Posh-Nosh recipies?

    Here is mine:

    I savaged some jalepinos into little pieces and mixed them with some previously ravaged salsa. And then I dis-membered a block of velveeta with a large knife. I trounced a portion of white onion into submission. I poured all of the detainees into a lake of fire, you may call it a 'crock-pot' if you wish, as that is a commoner term you may be more comfortable with.

    After a proper torture-time in the cooker, I dish the scrumptious mixture out with some corn-chips captured from wall-mart.

    No meal is complete without a proper beverage. I have chosen 'old milwaukee' circa whenever they made it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tool-Slinger View Post
    Here is mine:

    . I have chosen 'old milwaukee' circa whenever they made it.
    If it is "old milly" then it might be ready to drink tomorrow at about 13:37 hours.

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