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    Looks like a classic Home Warranty job from here.

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    Plenum Replaced - Updated Pics


    Thanks for all your help. The installers just left after replacing the plenum.

    To me this looks proper now.


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    Are there any issues with installing an uncased evaporator coil sideways?

    What I mean by sideways is rotate 90 degrees so that the refrigerant lines enter the coil from the side of the furnace instead of the front of the furnace.

    The reason I ask is because I know that evaporator coils are sold in different widths to match the widths of different size furnaces. When replacing both as Dolfan did, should the contractor not order the evaporator coil that matches the furnace width? If they did, wouldn’t the evaporator have to be installed so that the lines come out the front of the furnace in order to allow everything to line up nicely? Or did they get away with a smaller sized coil (physical width and depth, not capacity) so that it can fit sideways?

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