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    Which air tool to buy

    I'm a installer and do mostly residential work. I'm trying to decide on which tool(s) to buy for measuring air flow and such. I'm looking at the testo 435-4 or maybe just go with the testo H2 and the 405. I like how you can buy more "probes" that do more things for the 435 but it is more expensive. I would just need something to do velocity, CFM, ambient temps, WB, and all that stuff. Any opinions or thoughts?


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    the H2 is a great choice for the WB and dry bulb measurements

    you could use the 510 to get static pressure and velocity

    but depending on how much you want to spend there are a ton of gadgets out there, and not just testo
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    While the 435 is an awesome tool, I agree with beachtech's recommendations. Unless you are going to be measuring air volumes very often, the price of the 435 may not be worth it. You can't beat the price of the 510, and static pressure is probably the most useful measurement for diagnosing air flow problems. You can also use it with a pitot tube for velocity measurements in a duct, but that probably won't help you too much on residential systems. If you need to measure air velocities at diffusers and grills, a rotating vane anemometer can be pretty accurate if you know what you are doing. Good luck, and let us know what you get.

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