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    Sounds cool. This one is ll solenoid though. It may have had the suction device that you describe originally but it was converted from water cooled to dx probably 20 years or so ago.
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    I am starting to work on one of these same machines that you have discussed here. I am wondering if this was one of those that has been mentioned which was water cooled and has been converted. I thought that i was looking at a reciever but it had two 2 1/2" and one 3" pipe copnected to one end which have been cut off. I thought that it had been a subcooler only but now I think (prompted by your comments) that it was a water cooled machine at one time.

    I am trying to isolate the machine into sections and using nitrogen to determine where the leak is that dumped the charge.

    What is making the gurgling noise when I put nitrogen into the (receiver) or (old water cooled condenser ) ??? It sounds like water but the pipes have been cut for years and I can see the tubes that run through the barrel. NO noise is coming out there (using an ultrasonic) . It has two contactors and is a part winding start. Is this the same as a y/delta starter ? I see a time delay relay set at 6 minutes. you would not want the starter to delay for 6 minutes before going on full voltage run , would you ? I think it should be set at about a half a second. I don't know what other purpose that the delay relay would be for. Iwill have to check howit is wired tomoprrow.

    Any tips her would be helpful as I have not worked on many chillers. 3 I think and not very extensively.

    How can I get the service valves to seat fully ? they are leaking through enough to mess up my pressure tests.



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    As to your first question as to the part winding start the same a Y-Delta the answer is No. A Part winding start on say a 60hp compressor has 2 identical motors rated @30HP each that are brought on with a brief time delay between the two. It was just one of the many...many ways of achieving the "Incremental Start" requirements that many of the larger cities imposed on motors greater than 20HP. As far as getting the suction-discharge service valves to hold you can try to open and close them "Several" times each in an attempt to clean off the valve seats....Sometimes it works....sometimes it does'nt. When the Worthington plant in Decatur Alabama closed in the 70's I was with the company that bought all the remaining 3V and 4V carcasses and brought several tractor trailer loads back to Atlanta. Unlike the Big Trane "E" models the big 4V had the capability of using an extended stroke crankshaft for lower temp. operation.
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