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    Had a torn meniscus which flared up on me three times before I had it scoped on March 7. Was out for three weeks but started PT after the second week. Went back to work on light duty and continuing PT. The strengthening exercises are important and should be continued forever. Have been using sponge type knee pads for seven years now. Don't think I could kneel on concrete for any length of time without them.
    When we are young we don't always think of the long term effects of punishing our knees, backs or shoulders. Just remember it will always catch up to you. Your body is not indestructible it has its limitations. If you feel you need a second hand with a heavy part then get it.
    I have three friends with shoulder injuries, two of which are essentially disabled because they have limited movement in there arms due to work related accidents. The other has been out for two years and is just getting around to going back if the doc allows it. Being out for months or years will hurt you financially. And if you have a family it will be much worse.

    Don't be a hero with the i can do anything mentality. Your body will tell you differently.
    I,m 55 and been at this since trade school in high school, so that's about 37 years. Yes I think an Corona or two is in order about now.
    Learning is a lifelong process

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whale4 View Post
    I had my knee scraped about 6 years ago was out for 1 week and light duty for 1 week and have been fine for the last 6 years. the only time it bothers me is if im kneeling for a real long time but then I know how the wife feels for once
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    Don't let the age fool ya..I'm 31 and just had a total replacement.

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    wow, this is like dejavu all over again.

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    Over in the orient workers squat when ever they are working. Because we have big fat bellies we don't squat we kneel to do the same jobs.

    It is no wonder our knees take a beating. They were never entend to take such abuse.

    Solution: Eat only one bowl of rice a day or get knee pads.

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    I have had six knee surgeries, meniscus removed several times and my ACL replaced twice. I am now left with an arthritic and restricted knee that may force me off the tools or out of the trade. I am finding that lots of stairs are a real problem for me now, especially carrying boxes of filters up to the roof or packing all your recovery equipment up there. It will flare up on it's own it seems when ever it feels like, it get's really swollen and very painful to weight bear all I can do is take the day off ice and medicate until the swelling is gone. Not sure what the future will hold for me but one thing is for certain the HVAC trade is not good for the knees.

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    Had ACL reconstruction on my right knee 20 years ago in the Navy. It's been fine since but I do have to stay, bike, and exercise. If I don't I start to feel it! Yes, this trade is demanding on you back and knees! That's one of the reasons I'm starting my own business so I can eventually get out of the field and have the young bucks do the work!

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    I have a slopped out knee from a motorcycle wreck in 81, tore up the acl. The doctors opted not to repair it. Had it scoped and cleaned up in 95. Had back surgery in 05, repaired 1 of three blown discs. The other two are ok for now. Have degenerative disc disease and arthritis all up and down my spine. Worked in this field for 15 years. Can't work anymore due to a movement disorder associated with a brain disease. This field does cause excessive wear and tear on your joints so take care of them.

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