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    Unhappy Knee surgery and HVAC techs

    I had knee surgery to remove arthritis from my knee almost 3 weeks ago. I was told to go back to work with no restrictions after only 3 days. So, I did.

    Unfortunately, this caused major problems and now I will be out for at least two weeks. Not good considering the time of year that it is.

    So, moral of the story: Take that post-op medical advice with a grain of salt and heal completely before doing what we do. It's a very physical job as I told my surgeon.

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    sorry to he that hope your doing better
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    I myself have a "trick" knee and it's amazing how much of just about everything you do trickles down to the knee. Kick back at do what you gotta do.
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    I had my knee scraped about 6 years ago was out for 1 week and light duty for 1 week and have been fine for the last 6 years. the only time it bothers me is if im kneeling for a real long time but then I know how the wife feels for once
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    I think every service tech I work with has a back or knee problem.
    I was told it comes with the trade. I have a little foldable stool I paid like nothing for that I carry along with me. Seems to help a bit.

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    I had a torn meniscus in my right knee, several years back that I had to have surgery. It took five weeks to get cleared to work again.
    Take care of your back, feet, and knees, if you want to last the long haul in this business. Pain comes with age and HVAC work helps it along!
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    I fell from 17 feet and brok my pateller.I took off 6-7 month for recover

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    Aside from falling 17 feet how long have you guys been doing this?
    I've been in for about 20 yrs now outa high school and I'm 39 not lookin forward to the next B-day just due to the number.

    I got some aches and pains but thier mostly morning stuff and loosen up by noon. ( I think it's the 10 yr old bed)

    Just trying to judge how old I am physically. with what I put my body through.
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    I will be celebrating my 13th aniversary of my 39th birthday this summer.

    Had my knee scope'd in 89', shoulder surgery in 90', the knee was messing around with the kids and the shoulder was from playing softball (wife made me give that up). Both give me little reminders now and again but over all I'm just a little slower that I was when I started (1980) and just a little less flexiable. Otherwise don't let those young punk kids see ya sweat . Make em think your invinceable, at least till you get home to the hot tub, the massager and those little brown jewel's called ibuprofen.

    Ha !
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    Only 3 days recovery does sound way short. Hope you get better soon.

    I have been fortunate in knees and back , possibly helped by my lifting weights 3-4 days a week for several years.
    The last couple years have been in a less physically demanding position.

    I do know many people who have left the trade or gotten into related jobs that didn't cause quite the physical strain, or have cut back on what they work on.

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    I had a bursitis lump removed from my left knee last year and it was quite sore for a while. I always use a pad to kneel on now, should have used it before that and it may have prevented it in the first place. I was on light duty for a couple of weeks with staples and huge scars on my knee. Three days does sound like too little healing time. Hope all turns out well for you.

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    At age 28 I went to a doctor to have my knees looked at because my girl at the time insisted upon it. She couldnt believe they were as bad as I claimed. When i was younger, i played football, ice hockey, baseball, and raced motocross around the east coast. This led to the miniscus in both knees being just about gone. Many days you could hear my knees crack as I walk, and certainly if I kneel down. After a quick shot of the knees, both she( a nuclear medicine tech) and the doctor looked at the negatives and realized it was actually worse than they thought. The doctor advised me of my options, which included cortizone shots, knee replacements, or drinking beer when they hurt. I then spoke with my physical therapist friend who recommended I do strenght building exercises for the knee area. That worked the best, and I have remained mostly trouble free for years. When I ski it hurts though.

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    I was told by my doctor that I have the knee of an 80yr old man.... I had it scoped 6 years ago and there is nothing more that can be done except replacement which they will not do because I am too young. At least once or twice a year it swells and fills with fluid which puts me out of work a week. On the bright side I can tell if the weather is changing without a weather report LOL

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