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    I seriously need help with this bci on three trane intellipaks....i discovered them in metasys extended architecture after spending countless hours to find out that Trane techs set the baud to 76800..... Now that I have all my points in I can not command the unit from the BAS... I have even changed the system command point to active and the points that I want to command that go OUT OF SERVICE to false so that metasys can change the points. I need MO 7 and MO 8 as the main points which I believe are. Can someone please assist me in telling me how exactly I can set the trane up to take commands from the bas. thanks...

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    Try updating the tracer TU software. Ver. 5.5.1

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    You "MUST" enable the points with Tracer TU with the BCI-I it is "NOT" like a BCI-C! Make Trane Come back and do it right!

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    BCI-I information

    The BCI-I Integration Guide is located at:

    The installation information is geared toward the Tracer TU service tool, but Trane provides a free BACnet setup tool that does the basics (controller name, baud rate, BACnet ID, units, and factory reset.) The guide also has the PICS, troubleshooting information, and a points list.

    Information on the free tool is located here:

    The tool can be downloaded here:

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