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Thread: gas log issue

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    Question gas log issue

    Fireplace brand robert h peterson How do you lite it do you put on pilot wait 5 mins let go then switch it to ign or what this is a remote controlled unit just some info would help out

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    Exclamation get a pro in there

    HVACman, we cannot post DIY here, even for techs.

    I know they do sell periods in the Sparkle City

    You need to get the listed instructions that came with your logs and the separate instructions for your remote. The log instructions will tell you how to light the pilot and turn it to on. The remote instructions will explain how that particular remote works as they are many and varied.

    Check your logset for the rating plate. It should state on there make, model, serial number, fuel, BTU input and listing (ANSI Z21.60 vented/ Z21.11.2b for VF) It should have a separate metal tag with lighting instructions. If vented, the damper needs to be blocked wide open or removed.

    My best advice is to get a pro in there to inspect the chimney first to determine if it is suitable for this use or not, then inspect and service the logs. They can review the proper operation hands-on and go over the homeowner maintenance and expectations.

    Don't blow yourself up if you are not familiar with this unit.

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