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    All you can eat....and more

    In my travels, I have come across a few of the super-big meals deals, the kind that advertise FREE! (if you can eat this meal in 30-45 minutes, otherwise, it's $40-$90.00 whatever.)
    The Big Texan is the first I found, over in Amarillo, we had a modest steak meal, and watched a college kid eat the big roast, sides and beer, don't know how he did it, but he added his name on the list.

    Another we came across was in Boerne Texas, (pronounced Bernie) just outside of San Antonio, it was giant Burrito, 30 minutes was given for the FREE meal, otherwise, $39.95 or so.
    Here are a couple more:

    Have any of you encountered a similar deal?
    The NO Teeth BBQ was just a small place in Austin, down by the river.
    I guess they would serve you even if you had teeth....
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    There is new show on the Travel channel called Man vs. Food which covers alot of those places. He actually try's the contest himself. I've got a big appetite, but some of those challenges are way past my ability.

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    i have watched Man vs. Food..the concept i like..but how ti show is put together is dumb....i can see guys in middle school likening it. Maybe its the guy himself making dumb comments or how it is edited or produced, i just don't like it

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