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    siemens qam22 temperature and qpa63.1 ppm sensor

    Dear friends,

    On the siemens building management system, we have been using siemens qam22 temperature and qpa63.1 ppm sensors.

    On the building management software insight, there are values like SLOPE and INTERCEPT, i believe that these values can be use during the calibration,

    For calibrating these sensors, have you any experiences?


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    Just adjust the intercept up and down to calibrate. The intercept it the point where the slope of the graph intercepts the x axes.

    With the QAM22, the accuracy should be within 0.5 of a degree. If its out by a few degree's think about whether the sensor needs replacing. Ni1000 sensors should have a resistance of 1000 Ohms at 0DegC. Once it starts drifting from that then its likely the slope is actually what has been effected so if you calibrate using the intercept, it will be accurate only at that temperature but will still be wrong at other temperatures.
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    You should configure that at field level. Do you use PX controllers? If yes then go to xWorks project/your plant/PX design/Edit IO address and find your sensor. Right click on the slope field will show you "conversation parameter". Find your sensor and voila!

    min max type slope intercept
    -50 80 r1k 0.01 0

    min max type slope intercept
    0 2000 u10 0.2 0
    min max type slope intercept
    0 2000 u10 -0.2 2000

    Cheers, Z
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