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    Charlie Vergos' Rendezvous in Memphis Tn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by code1 View Post
    Charlie Vergos' Rendezvous in Memphis Tn.
    Memphis is certainly barbecue heaven. Rendezvous may well be the largest barbecue joint I've ever visited, but IMHO hardly the best Memphis has to offer.

    I thought Marlowe's was the best "upper end" barbecue restaurant.

    I think Central BBQ was the best I've found in Memphis.

    Neely's barbecue spaghetti is the best spaghetti!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by smittyii View Post
    thats my local joint. ribs are good, brisket okay. really good chopped sandwich. i still say Black's in lockhart is the best all around. and they ship anywhere if you don't want to take my word for it.
    Blacks is excellent. Smitty's is great too although Chisolm Trail BBQ has better sides. I've eaten at Kreuz BBQ and it was very similar to Smittys althought I preferred the atmosphere at Smittys. Lockhart has the largest concentration of great BBQ places than any other Texas small town I've seen.
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    Yesterday I was saddened. Tips4U BBQ is no more. True to thier name the rib tips were fantastic. Its almost a good thing the sauce was unimaginative, because the meat carried the flavor. The service was wretched though and I suspect led the way to thier demise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by snupytcb View Post
    the radavue in memphis tennesee made the best ribs i've ever had. another place in memphis i think is called corkey's, also very good. around here i go to road side bbq's.
    Both of those suck in my book. Next time try Central BBQ or The BBQ Shop. Central has awesome ribs and turkey, BBQ shop has great bologna and pretty good pork. I know there is alot of people that like dry ribs but when I get done eating bbq I want to need a shower. Wet and spicy is the way to go!

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    For Carolina lowcountry style, Bessinger's BBQ in the Charleston, SC area. Sweet mustard base sauce, and the onion rings are incredibly good. Not to mention the pork, brisket, ribs. We order the sauce from them shipped to us in FL.

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    I ate at Rocco's In Williamsburg, VA last week, meatest pork ribs I've ever had, and they weren't greasy. It's a new place across the street from Cracker Barrel on Bypass Road.

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