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black's brisket will make you throw rocks at salt lick.
Smitty, I think we are neighbors, Ive seen you around.
I ate at Kruez for lunch today right before looking at one of our 5 year old changeouts that the customer accidentally shot with an AR 15! He said he was putting his rifle up, in his closet which is directly under his AH. Gun went off and a .223 bullet skimmed through the AHU barely getting into the evap coil! Changing a coil and pan Friday!

I always schedule my Lockhart work (not much) around lunch time. I really used to be a fan of Blacks when Mr Black was there (early 90's), last time there seemed like it wasnt as good as it once was. Maybe I need to give it another go next time Im in town.
My favorties in order:
City Market - Luling
Salt Lick
Kruez Market
Rudys - The one on 35 just north of San Antonio, dont know why but it is the best. The one on 360 in Austin is good too
Blacks (I'll give it another try)

Gates in KC is good, real saucy, Sonny Bryants,,,, OK, and Jack Stacks Ribs are good if your there in KC.

Actually had some good Q in New York City once

Had some of the worst in Maui, blaaah!