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    pbkm-ld14n100f problems

    I am having problems with the diagnostics on a model PBKM-LD14N100F. The furnace will run through 1 or 2 cycles or until the house come up to temperature and shut off but will not recycle after that. If the cover is pull the red light indicator is on. When the lower panel is opened and replaced allowing the switch to be reset the red light goes out and the furnace goes on. It may go through 2 or 3 cycles, but then the red light goes on and it won’t cycle any more until the lower panel is opened and the switch is reset. Any ideas? Is there a holding circuit that may not be working?

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    Call a Luxaire service tech. When you take off the door you clear the fault code. No DIY advice here. Sorry, see the rules.
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    change your filter!

    if you already did that, do what heater man says


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    Sorry, this is not a DIY site. So we are not allowed to give out DIY advise.

    Please read Site Rules Thank you.

    You have been given all the advise this site allows.

    Thread closed.
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